The Hot Taps - 19203-1940-1950 swing three part harmonies


The Hot taps is a new British South Coast musical sensation homegrown in Hastings and St.Leonard-on-Sea.

The band recently formed in March 2018, but the musicians have very good pedigree, having performed in Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East with a host of famous and lesser bands over the years. Having this experience under their belt, they decided they were just about good enough to risk themselves on British circuit.

The Hot Taps comprises of Frank moon - the oud wielding, Theremin bending composer of Royal Ballet fame; Tom Clarkson - The opera singing double bass player and sweet talker; and Benoit Viellefon - the French chanteur escaped from London after being ‘caught red handed’ too many times.

Envisage, if you will, Django Reinhardt singing in harmony with Nat King Cole on guitar, and Luciano Pavarotti on bass, bringing you a bountiful splendour of hot swing from prohibition era America to the post war rush with its blue formica kitchen - the intoxicating toe taping soundtrack to one of the most destructive periods of human history is brought to life by this unlikely combo for your aural delight.

They have performed the first gig on the 1st of April 2018 at Seed (Hastings), but made such an impression that the venue offered a monthly residency on the spot. The first series of shows (to be announced soon) will include: Seed, The Oriole, The Nightjar, The Royal Albert Hall, The Harrogate international Festival and many more.

"You guys were sensational !"
(Lily Kim, SEED manager.)


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